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Harness Merece by GTG is more than just a brand of jewelry, fashion accessories, self-care and homeware products. We are ambience setters, focusing on providing aesthetically curated pieces that enhances one’s mood, lifts the spirit and feeds the soul.


Harnessing merece is a process of transforming negative energies into positive energies. ‘Merece’ is a negative connotation of ‘you deserved what you got’. But the past does not define us. No energy or outside force has the power to define who we are or who we are going to be. Consequently, no one has the right to dictate what we deserve. Our aim is to empower individuals to work towards their highest potential through positivity. Harness merece because you are deserving.

In a world full of stressors, stepping out of our comfort zone is daunting. Most often than not our resolve wavers, sits in the back burner, buried amongst life’s seemingly more urgent practicalities. But prioritising our mental well-being is not a luxury, it is a necessity. As our emotions run amok, our negative mood suddenly becomes our personality that we swore we will never become. You may be able function without balance in your life but sooner or later you’ll burn out. The need to interrupt these negative patterns is imperative. We should seek to become a better version of ourselves no matter what challenges we face.

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We aim to provide enhancers to help us cope with the challenges we face through natural or created beauties. There’s something about staring at beauty that speaks to our soul. It bombards our brain with pleasure-inducing neurotransmitters, giving us a sense of euphoria. The same reason why when we are confronted with beauty, may it be an object or an act, despite our bad mood, we pause and admire, then suddenly we feel lighter and more positive.

Harness Merece by GTG - Collections

Cenagorio brings together intuitively curated aesthetic pieces made of crystals and gems. The collection embodies the phrase ‘siempre y para siempre’, always and forever. Crystals have been on this Earth long before our time. These minerals emits different energies that will aid us in transforming our auras. Learn to harness their energy and wisdom.

Briciana brings together elegantly curated pieces that comes from the Sea. The collection embodies the phrase ‘amarme sin condiciones’, love me without conditions. The sea is vital to our life, but it is a double-edge sword. It can be both soothing, as well as, turbulent. Its duality teaches us life is not perfect. Nevertheless, we still love to live. Learn to harness the fruits of the Sea’s vitality and resilience. They stood the test of time.

Chincella brings together an artistically curated accessories made with frivolity in mind. The collection embodies the word, ‘caprichosa’, capriciousness. It has no other purpose but to make you feel just you. It aims to reflect the wearer’s personality, its current mood or the personality or mood they wish to project. You can be anything you wish you’d be. Learn to live, laugh and love yourself. Create your own happiness.

Nualdo brings together ethereally curated pieces made of metal. The collection embodies the phrase ‘siento calmado’, feeling calm. Metals have been used since prehistoric times. Its development paved the way to the advancement of our modern day society. Their strength and malleability enables us to utilise them as crafts, tools or as conductors of heat. Just like metals, be strong yet versatile. It teaches you life is fluid. Choose to live life focusing on both practically and your well-being. Harness your inner strength and be grounded. Find peace.

Tanoi brings together organically curated pieces made of wood. The collection embodies the word ‘retrospectiva’, retrospective. Trees symbolise permanence and longevity.  A tree’s life begins with the seed’s dormancy. Planted, as time goes by, its roots embed deeply into the Earth. Eventually, it bears fruits that gives life to the next generation. It teaches us that though our past may influence our life, we too, like the tree, can transform our life’s purpose and leave behind a meaningful legacy.  Harness your ability to transform. Harness the abundance of the land.

Marinarda brings together stylishly curated pieces made of fabric. The collection embodies the word ‘polivalenza’, polyvalent. Fabric has been used since ancient times as clothing, household coverings and even as containers. One cannot imagine a world without one. The process of making a fabric involves interweaving fibers in a complex network that produces a diverse range of purposes. It teaches us that amidst the chaos, there is a pattern – a bigger picture. Harness the beauty of its complexity. Harness their versatility.

Harness Merece by GTG - Inspires

Despite all the enhancers and support you utilise or receive, your road to metamorphosis will never materialise if it lacks one vital ingredient – your active participation. You and only you are the author of your life, so make it the best story ever told!