Double-terminated Tiger Eye Pendant Silver Necklace - Harness Merece by GTG
Double-terminated Tiger Eye Pendant Silver Necklace - Harness Merece by GTG
Double-terminated Tiger Eye Pendant Silver Necklace - Harness Merece by GTG

Double-terminated Tiger Eye Pendant Silver Necklace

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Tiger Eye - Stone of Success

A stone of courage and motivation, it eliminates fear that hinders one’s success. Wear and meditate with this crystal to stabilise you, ease your worries, make you feel centered and grounded - giving you confidence to chase after your dreams. Each spiritual coloured energy healing crystal stone is believed to raise your vibration and emit positive flow of energy that may benefit your overall well-being.

Style and Specifications
A classic silvernecklace with double-terminated Tiger Eye pendant. The pendant is of high-quality genuine natural Tiger Eye stone. It has a length of 3.81 cm. It comes with a dainty 20 inches silver-plated cable chain.


Special Care
All stones are cleansed before shipping. But we advise you to cleanse the energy of the stone before using, as it may have picked up other energies while in transit. Cleansing should also be done after a healing ritual. Methods include smudging with sage or waving a selenite wand over or around the stone.

Keep the stone away from direct sunlight to maintain the vibrancy of its colour. Avoid contact with water as its properties might interact with the minerals of the water.
Although steel jewelry used in our products keeps its colour for a long time, it will tarnish over time depending the conditions it was worn and stored. To prolong the colour, avoid contact with chemicals such lotions or chlorine from pools to keep the colour longer. Gently rub a non-abrasive jewelry polishing cloth on the jewelry to eliminate any dirt or dust. Keep jewelry in a tightly sealed container with a non-tarnish piece of cloth and store in a dark and dry place.
Image Display
Macro photography is used to show the detail of the product. Measurements are taken by hand at the widest/longest point across the stone which might result in a minimal difference between 1-3mm. Please bear in mind that the photo may slightly differ from the actual item in terms of colour due to the lightning during photo shooting or the monitor’s display. Also, due to the natural state of the stones and the handmade items, you may find varying colours, impurities patterns, inclusions, dips, crater and veins within the organic stones. The above photo/s serve as an illustration to provide you an idea on the typical range of the sizes and shapes available.

The energy of the crystals has been used as far back as ancient times for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Crystal stones, however, may be used as part of a holistic approach to enhance your well-being and should not be in any way used as a replacement to conventional medicinal treatment or therapy. Harness Merece by GTG makes no guarantee on the effectiveness of each crystal stone nor is it liable for the any information used in this Site. We advise you to consult a licensed healthcare professional for your health concerns.

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